Top 3 Leadership Lessons from the Weekend

Top 3 Leadership Lessons from the Weekend

What an amazing weekend! Between my wife LaVera’s incredible Women’s Event at the Heights and the incredible opportunity to preach at my home church, First Baptist Church of Glenarden, I’m reflecting on the leadership lessons God has taught me in the past few days. If this is helpful, maybe I’ll try to do this each week.


1. STAY HUMBLE. People appreciate when leaders are humble, empower other leaders, and deflect praise appropriately. Our job is not to simply accomplish tasks. Our job is to carefully and prayerfully empower everyone on the team to reach a collective goal.


2. EMPOWER OTHERS. If you encourage and empower other leaders, then you don’t have to be present for everything to go smoothly. Actually, the best indication of your effectiveness as a leader is what happens when you aren’t there to check everything.


3. BE NICE. As God blesses you, he will place you in front of different types of people. Some will love you, others will hate. Some will be happy for you, while others will be jealous. Treat everyone the same. You never know which direction your next open door is coming from.


How do these lessons apply to you specifically? What leadership lessons did you learn this weekend? How can you apply these principles to your life in order to be a better leader this week?

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