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What Type of Coach are You?

Growing up playing sports, I learned quickly that there are different types of coaches. Some of my coaches were fans of sports. Their knowledge of the sport came from watching it and studying it. When I got to high school, my basketball coach had played...

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Sunday Brain Dump – 9/28/14

Action packed day at the Heights today. We had plenty on the agenda today, including several babies to bless during both services. We originally were supposed to bless 5 babies at the 9:30 service, but because of 4 no-shows it ended up being just one...

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Sunday Brain Dump – 9/21/14

Powerful day at the Heights! Today we continued our #ChurchFolk series with a message called "Masquerade Ball" In this message from Matthew 6, I defined the word "hypocrite" from a Biblical perspective and pointed out the possibility that more of us are hypocrites than we actually think! The...

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