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Sunday Brain Dump – 9/28/14

Action packed day at the Heights today. We had plenty on the agenda today, including several babies to bless during both services. We originally were supposed to bless 5 babies at the 9:30 service, but because of 4 no-shows it ended up being just one...

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Sunday Brain Dump – 9/21/14

Powerful day at the Heights! Today we continued our #ChurchFolk series with a message called "Masquerade Ball" In this message from Matthew 6, I defined the word "hypocrite" from a Biblical perspective and pointed out the possibility that more of us are hypocrites than we actually think! The...

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Sunday Preview – Time Machine

Sunday we begin a new series entitled "Church Folk," where I will candidly address the issues people face when Jesus' people block them from experiencing Jesus. The purpose of this series is to encourage people who have had difficult experiences with church, and to challenge...

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