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Dr. B. Manning Preaching

Dr. Manning’s exceptional gift for explaining and exhorting God’s Word has opened opportunities for an international preaching ministry. His preaching is imaginative, engaging and challenging as he breaks down the Scriptures in a way that is understandable and applicable to anyone.


Having begun preaching at the young age of 16, God has allowed Dr. Manning to preach on national platforms and to received numerous awards and recognitions for his preaching.

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Cliff Ashe

“Awesome! Awesome! …is the feedback I have received from our church. We are thankful to God for all that Dr. Manning invested in our lives.”
~Dr. Cliff Ashe, DaySpring Ministries

Dexter Nutall

“In these times when GOD’s word and the relevance of Biblical preaching and teaching is questioned, we need proclaimers who are true to their calling. Dr. Bobby Manning offers a fresh yet uncompromising presentation of the gospel of Christ in a way that is not only heard but experienced. His ministry will bless your congregation as it has ours.”
~Pastor Dexter Nutall, New Bethel Baptist Church

Tyrone Stevenson

“Each time he has preached at our church, Dr. Manning has brought incredible insight, energy and solid Biblical exegesis to each of our services. Because it is important to me to have solid biblical preaching in our pulpit at all times, Dr. Manning remains on my speed dial.”
~Pastor Tyrone Stevenson, Hope Christian Center

John K Jenkins

“I have trusted Dr. Bobby Manning to teach Expository Preaching to our ministers for several years. He has done an outstanding job training our members in the elements of homiletics and empowering people to proclaim God’s Word effectively.”
~Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr., First Baptist Church of Glenarden

Doug Fombelle

“Dr. Bobby Manning brings a warm biblical faith, relational depth, and a scholar’s mind to the classroom. Our students love his classes! They appreciate how his work in the classroom is tied to the reality of his ministry. He knows the material, and cares for his students as fellow servants of Jesus.”
~Dr. Doug Fombelle, Denver Seminary