Dr. Bobby Manning

Do YOU Recognize Me?

I received this e-mail early this morning with the tagline, "So sad, but so true." I must agree that it is sad, but a simple Google search reveals that much of it is untrue. I couldn't resist a returned e-mail to the person who forwarded to...

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Sunday Brain Dump – 12/7/14

It was an arduous day at The Heights! Fitting end to what honestly was quite the arduous week for me! Gosh, I'm tired! Today was the last installment of "The Takeover," as series of messages where I spend the entire message time answering various questions submitted by...

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Are We Getting the Facts?

In my quest for loving dialogue regarding the current race issues in our country, I hear often from people on both sides is that we should "listen to the facts," or “make sure that we are looking at the facts!” What exactly are the facts? Are...

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