Men of Valor Conference 2014

Ten years ago, while in my second year of seminary, the pastor of the church I attended in Dallas challenged several men to fly to King of Prussia, PA to attend the Mighty Men of Valor Conference. I had heard of the conference before because...

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Sunday Brain Dump – 11/2/14

Great weekend of challenges and celebrations at the Heights. Today I preached a message that I had been working on for a few weeks from Titus 2:6-8. It was a challenge to all men to step up and model what Biblical Manhood looks like for a generation...

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Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Each year, someone sees our family in our costumes and sends me a message on social media with some variation of this question. Isn’t this the devil’s holiday? Why should we bring attention to this pagan day? Is celebrating Halloween playing with demonic spirits? For me,...

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