Boycott Black Jesus?

Last week, Adult Swim debuted the newest addition to its lineup that has stirred some controversy in the faith community. Aaron McGruder, the creator of The Boondocks, has set the life of Christ as the new backdrop his satirical irreverence with his newest show, Black Jesus....

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You Have Your Passport?

#HighRise Recap - Colossians 3:1-2 I've travelled quite a bit overseas for missions and vacation. When traveling out of the country, it's advised to ALWAYS keep your passport with you. Your passport is a proof to others and a reminder to you of your true citizenship....

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God’s Going to Get You!

#HighRise Recap – Malachi 3:1-7 Growing up in church, Christian school, and a Christian household, I was often taught to fear God… but in an unhealthy way. As if He were sitting in heaven waiting for me to mess up so he could rein terror down...

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