Sunday Brain Dump – 8/17/14

What an amazing weekend! I'm so overwhelmed by God's blessings and favor. Today I had the incredible privilege of preaching at Eastern Star Church in Indianapolis for one of my all-time favorite preachers, Pastor Jeffrey Johnson. This is one of the most amazing opportunities I've ever...

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Suicidal Thoughts?

What was your first reaction when you heard about the passing of Robin Williams? I thought about all of the amazing movies that he starred in. Many of which are among my favorites. Mrs. Doubtfire. Jumanji. Aladdin. Hook. Few would argue that he was a...

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Boycott Black Jesus?

Last week, Adult Swim debuted the newest addition to its lineup that has stirred some controversy in the faith community. Aaron McGruder, the creator of The Boondocks, has set the life of Christ as the new backdrop his satirical irreverence with his newest show, Black Jesus....

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