What Type of Coach are You?

What Type of Coach are You?

IMG_5110Growing up playing sports, I learned quickly that there are different types of coaches. Some of my coaches were fans of sports. Their knowledge of the sport came from watching it and studying it. When I got to high school, my basketball coach had played professional ball overseas. I noticed the stark difference in his ability to coach us… and our willingness to follow him. He had something that my other coaches didn’t… the ability to tell us what to do, AND show us how to do it!

One of the major principles in Saving Our Sons is that young men of color migrate to strong leadership. Many might think that we rebel against authority. The truth is, we crave authority from men who are legit… because only men who are legit can show us how to be legit!

Brothers, we have a responsibility to encourage and set an example for the younger brothers around us. Our young men need more than words, they need a model. Imagine how difficult it would be to become something you’ve never seen. That’s the experience of many young men in our communities. They don’t know what a good husband, father, Christian man looks like… because they don’t see them often.

The apostle Paul gives Titus details of this responsibility:

Likewise, encourage the younger men to be sensible in every way. Offer yourself as a role model of good actions. Show integrity, seriousness, and a sound message that is above criticism when you teach, so that any opponent will be ashamed because they won’t find anything bad to say about us.
~Titus 2:6-8

Did you notice how the Scripture specifically ties the reputation of our faith communities & churches to our mentoring of young men? For the sake of our urban faith communities, we must mentor our next generation!

What has been your experience in people who have attempted to coach you? Who has been the most effective in helping you reach your destiny? Who are you pouring yourself into? What type of coach are you? Have you picked up Saving Our Sons yet?

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