Today’s The Day!

Today’s The Day!

IMG_4686I’m so excited!!! Today is the culmination of a journey that started 4 years ago. I wasn’t sure that this day would ever come… but it’s here! My book, Saving Our Sons, is officially available for purchase in print and on Kindle!

Saving Our Sons is an adaptation of my doctoral dissertation which is written on how to effectively engage young men of color. For this work I researched scripture, interviewed young men of color, and examined the practices of gangs, fraternities, and even the Nation of Islam. This research led me to four major factors that attract and engage young men of color. The book will argue the effectiveness of these four factors for any person or organization who seeks to engage young men of color, while also helping them to understand our psyche.

Not long after I completed my doctoral work, I reorganized and condensed the dissertation material into book form… and let it sit. I had to overcome my own fear and insecurity to get the book out. I had convinced myself I was waiting for a publisher to pick the book up, when really I was stalling. I knew that God wanted me to get it out, but I honestly wasn’t convinced that I could do it. What if I failed? It took a great friend to push me relentlessly to invest in my dream and self-publish the book. Then God began to provide resources and open doors.

Today is a testimony that you really can produce what God has placed inside you! God has already provided the resources… but you must invest in your own dream! No one else will love it like you do. No one else will want it as badly as you. Step out on faith and pursue what God has called you to do. You just don’t know who you might impact! There is no better feeling than to see God’s plan for your life come to fruition.

You can purchase the book today on this website, in the Kindle store on Amazon… and out of the back of my trunk if you catch me in the streets! LOL. I pray that it is a blessing to you!

What has God placed inside of you that needs to come out? What are you sitting on? What are you waiting for? Share your dreams in the comments below. I would love to be that friend that relentlessly pushes you!

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