Sunday Preview – The Takeover (Part 2)

Sunday Preview – The Takeover (Part 2)

IMG_0304This Sunday at the Heights we will continue “The Takeover.” Last week I started answering questions submitted anonymously by our church members and friends. It was a great start to what will surely get better and better over the next couple weeks.

The vast majority of the questions that I’ve received are about Love, Sex and Relationships. This is very common for when we do the takeover. People want to know about relationships! However, we also have some great questions coming up this week about prayer, sin, the Bible and how to navigate a new life with Christ.

This Sunday, First Lady LaVera and I will tag-team on this Takeover! I really need her help on some of these questions. Especially the relationship questions! Join us at 9:30am & 11:30am on Sunday for a one-two punch on your questions!

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