Suicidal Thoughts?

Suicidal Thoughts?

Robin_Williams_0What was your first reaction when you heard about the passing of Robin Williams? I thought about all of the amazing movies that he starred in. Many of which are among my favorites. Mrs. Doubtfire. Jumanji. Aladdin. Hook. Few would argue that he was a comedic and acting genius.

Then I grieved at the fact that he thought that he should end that genius before his time. He was only 63 years old. How much genius are we now robbed of because he ended his own life. More importantly, he robbed his wife of a husband and his kids of a father.

Are you having suicidal thoughts? Has discouragement or depression fooled you into thinking that everyone would be better off without you around?

In the middle of his struggle, Job wished he was never born. What if he got his wish? We’d be missing a whole book of the Bible, 20 children would be without a father, millions of people would not be encouraged by his testimony of God’s power to restore.

Jonah had suicidal thoughts because he couldn’t see clearly. He had just experienced God’s grace, God’s forgiveness and God’s power… but still thought it was better to die than to live. If God wanted him dead, He could have done so with the storm or the fish… but He didn’t. God’s plan for Jonah’s life was still in tact.

I know your struggle is overwhelming. I know that your depression is heavy. But God created you to be a blessing to so many people. People you know… and people you don’t know. Your assignment is bigger than you think. Don’t rob us of your genius!

God’s PLAN is bigger than your PAIN!

Any suicidal thoughts that you have come only from Satan. God has a plan for your life. Don’t allow suicidal thoughts to cancel God’s plan. Don’t allow the wrong perspective of your current issues negate your destiny. Don’t allow depression to get the best of you. Get help.

Have you ever thought of taking your life? Are you currently struggling with depression? Share your experience below. Your story may help someone!

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