NEW BOOK! Are You Afraid of Heights?

NEW BOOK! Are You Afraid of Heights?

Some of us will never know the exhilaration of experiencing God’s greatest and highest plans because we “afraid of heights.” Don’t allow fear of going higher to rob you of God’s perfect will for your life!


My latest book, Are You Afraid of Heights? will encourage and challenge you as you climb to higher levels in your spiritual walk.


I’m excited to announce to you that my newest book will officially release in print on August 2nd. However, for a limited time, I am giving away the eBook for FREE!!! Yes… free!!! Simply enter your name and e-mail address on my website, and I’ll send you the eBook for Are You Afraid of Heights? free!


If you (like my wife, LaVera) are the type that wants to feel the pages, pre-order your print copy today and I will send you a signed copy on August 2nd. Either way, make sure you order your copy!


I believe this short inspirational book will motivate you to higher heights!

  • C Simone Rivers

    I was not familiar with you personally or your ministry. I saw a video in passing that you did with Darrell Spears. I am so looking forward to reading your books. God bless. ~C. Simone Rivers

    November 12, 2016 at 9:34 PM

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