Gotta Love Millennials – A Response

Gotta Love Millennials – A Response

Before I begin, shout out to Micah Tyler. I’m just learning of his music. He has an incredible gift and an effective ministry. Secondly, I recognize that this video is a lighthearted parody, and that Micah technically qualifies as a millennial himself.


However, this video has received at least 3M views on YouTube, most of which are probably older people who affirm the stereotypes therein. Therefore, I’d like to respond to this video on behalf of millennials everywhere. Here goes:


  1. This is cute. Dope harmonies and great use of technology… technology likely created by a millennial. Just saying.
  2. Manbun is probably right about that job thing. Millennials are learning much more quickly than our elder generations that jobs don’t make millionaires, ideas do. Working a regular job is making someone else a millionaire, and making me dependent on their paycheck.
  3. Yoga pants. Bruh.
  4. So, this young lady has a strong knowledge of essential oils and a growing social media following. Let’s calculate. Grand View Research calculates that the essential oil market is expected to reach $11B by 2022, and she has a direct connection to a growing number of potential clients through the strongest marketing agent in the world (social media). While she might not change the whole world in those yoga pants (Bruh ), she just might carve out a strong niche in an exploding market.
  5. Research has also shown that the job market and the rise in cost of living has made it much more difficult for young adults now than in previous generations. Maybe moving out isn’t the first step to making it on their own. Maybe identifying their industry and starting down the road to building their empire is the first step, and that is better done without paying exorbitant rent to someone else. How many wealthy people are wealthy because of a financial springboard they received from their parents?
  6. You’re probably right about the criticism thing. But who gave them that undeserved confidence and those participation trophies, if not their parents? Millennials did not come from Mars… they came from Boomers and Gen Xers. Every generation is a product of previous generations.
  7. You assume millennials want your torch. By that time, they will have created their own torches because you were so busy criticizing them (with technology they created), that you neglected yours.
  8. Miss me with the “oh no.” I can think of 10 millennials right now that I would prefer over our current president. It’s just a shame that the president has to be at least 35 years old. We might get some stuff done that will affect generations.
  9. Finally, something I can ride with. Pray. Please pray for millennials. While you’re at it, pray for Builders, Boomers, Gen Xers and iGen.
  10. This video, though funny and catchy, only perpetuates the delusions of Boomers and Gen Xers that the world still works the way it did 20 years ago. It doesn’t. Sad that you’re the last to know.


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