God Doesn’t Like Leftovers

God Doesn’t Like Leftovers

leftovers #HighRise Recap – Malachi 1:6-9

Are you giving God your best, or what’s left over after you’ve given yourself to other priorities?

After declaring his faithfulness to His people in the first few verses of the book of Malachi, God calls His people out for their lack of faithfulness to Him. As God restores them from a devastating time spiritually, physically and financially (exile), they have gotten their priorities backwards. They are bringing God what’s left over after taking care of themselves first.

Growing up, we would often give our family dog Jazz the scraps from our dinner after we got done eating. We ate the best part until we were full, and gave Jazz what was left. Our family dog loved it, but how does God respond to us doing the same thing with Him?

We often consume the best of our time, talents and treasures, then give God the leftovers. Do you consider time with God after you’re tired from a long day of work and play? Do you consider giving to God after you’ve paid all your bills and shopped til you drop? Are you giving the best of your gifting to earthly endeavors and bringing God the leftovers? God is calling us to reverse our priorities.

Bring God your best and steward the rest.