It’s Finally Here!

Clinton and Tump

It’s Finally Here!

It’s finally here! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been so excited to see this day come. It feels sort of like a commencement day… like we are graduating from a painful season. In a sense we are. This political season has been the most confusing, divisive, and polarizing of my short lifetime.


What is most disconcerting is not that our country is so fractured, but that the Christian faith seems so fractured. Between the presidential election and the responses to systematic injustices in our country, I have been grieved at the splintering amongst the Christian faith around the issues we face as a country. I’m looking forward gaining a reprieve from…


  • Christians on both sides claiming to champion Biblical Christian values, while completely disregarding other equally clear Biblical Christian values because of inherent personal and political biases.
  • Christians who have either mistaken their faith for their political affiliation, or replaced their faith with their political affiliation.
  • The feeling that we MUST vote for a certain candidate… not because we are confident in the qualifications of that particular candidates, but because of our hatred for the other candidate.
  • The teeming hypocricy of Christian leaders on both sides who would ignore character issues in the candidate they endorse, in ways that they never would for candidates that they oppose.
  • Seeing the same meme, quote or video reposted by one Christian who calls it apostasy, and reposted by another Christian who calls it gospel that’s should be shown at every church on Sunday.

After today, we will at least get a small reprieve… a brief calm in the political storm that makes Christians forget who we are.


I realize that this won’t last long. Surely, before long we’ll go back to our political divisiveness when inevitably we see another person of color protest injustice. Surely we’ll retreat to blatant disrespect for our current and/or incumbent president (Romans 13 notwithstanding). Come January, half of us will pronounce the demise of our country, as if Jesus were no longer on the throne because Clinton or Trump are in the White House.


Looks like we’ll get a break for the next few days… I pray that they are as sweet as they hope to be.


Happy Election Day.