#1 Draft Picks [Part 2]

#1 Draft Picks [Part 2]

Griffin DraftIn 2012, my favorite team, the Washington Redskins traded several valuable assets for the right to draft Robert Griffin, III. They knew that they needed a franchise quarterback, and they were willing to make the necessary sacrifices in order to get this player on their team.

Earlier this week, we started this discussion from Colossians 4:7-14 on the type of people you must have on your team. We’ll continue today with three “players” that you need to “trade up for.” It may take some sacrifice, but you need these people close to you!

4. Restored Relationship (Mark)

In verse 10 mentions John Mark, and tells the folks to welcome him. It’s significant that Paul had John Mark on his team because they haven’t always been this cool. In Acts 15:37-40, there arose a “sharp contention” between Paul and Mark and they went their separate ways. Paul played a major role in this contention. Now, they have clearly reconciled their differences and are now serving together. I imagine that Paul had to swallow some pride in order to reconcile with Mark, but he clearly has done so.

You need someone in your life that you’ve had some issues with in the past and reconciled. This might take some sacrifice and humility on your part. However, I’ve learned that these are some of my move valuable relationships because you know that the friendship is bigger than circumstances.

5. Prayer Warrior (Epaphras)

Verse 12 says that Epaphras is “always laboring earnestly for you in his prayers.” You need someone who knows how to pray praying fervently for you. If you can find multiple, please do. You need as many of these people on your team as possible. Keep this person updated on what’s going on in your life. There is power in prayer… especially when you have someone praying for you!

6. Seasonal (Demas)

Demas is a difficult issue. We see here and in the book of Philemon that Paul mentions Demas as a faithful companion. However in 2 Timothy 4:10, Paul tells Timothy that Demas had deserted him. Demas is someone who may not be with you forever. Not everyone will be in your life forever, but their time with you is seasonal. Treasure people while you have them. When the season is over, whatever the circumstances, continue to love them and pray for them!

Do you have one of these in your life? These are the types of people who take some work/sacrifice. Are you willing to do the work? Are there others that you know of that must be on every Christian’s “team?” Let’s talk.

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