#1 Draft Picks [Part 1]

#1 Draft Picks [Part 1]

fantasy_dual_mock_draft_576Are you ready for some football!?! Every year at the NFL Draft, there is an ongoing debate. Should the team draft the “best available” player, or should they draft based the position they really need. This is a logical debate when you’re talking about football… but it should not be in our personal lives!

Too many of us have “best available” people in our lives, even if that person isn’t what we truly need. In order to be successful, we must choose our team more selectively… even if that means we go without for a season. Being without the wrong person in our lives is often as valuable as having the right person.

So who are the types of people I need on my team? As he closes the book of Colossians, the apostle Paul introduces us to his team. I think we can learn a bit from the list of people he kept close to him.

  1. Roll Dog (Tychicus)

In verse 7, Paul describes Tychius as a beloved brother, faithful minister, and a fellow servant. This is someone who walks closely with him, doing the same thing that he does. He knows Paul’s business, because he was with him doing the same thing. The “roll dog” is someone who walks in a similar calling as you. They are able to encourage you and help you make good decisions because they understand you.

  1. Convert (Onesimus)

You can read more of the story of Onesimus in the book of Philemon. He was a runaway slave who Paul had led to Christ. Who do you have in your life who is a Christian because you introduced them to Jesus? Each of us should have someone on our team who we have lead to Christ. Also, you should have someone that you are currently, actively sharing your faith with.

  1. Ride-Or-Die (Aristarchus)

Paul describes Aristarchus was a “fellow prisoner.” The crazy thing is… Aristarchus never actually got arrested! He stayed in jail because Paul was in jail. He was even shipwrecked with Paul. We all need a “ride or die” who doesn’t mind going through it with you. You know your real friends by what happens when the grits hit the fan. Will they stick with you even when it costs them something?

There are more. We’ll go through picks 4-6 in the next post. Until then… do you have one of these in your life? Are the closest people in your life there simply because they were the “best available,” or are they your “top picks?” Are there some people in your life you need to cut from the roster? Let’s talk.

  • Nathaniel Yates

    Love this. I wonder if as we pick our teams do we also consider what we are for those who pick us for their teams? Do we ride or die for those who ride or die with us? Food for thought.

    September 2, 2014 at 9:52 AM

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