Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

A couple weeks ago, as we were putting up our family Christmas tree, I pulled out the Christmas lights that we’ve used for the last several years. Just as we were about to wrap the string around our tree, I plugged it in and noticed that the lights weren’t working. Half the string lit up, while the other half didn’t work.

I figured that the lights had run their course and we needed to throw them away. When I told a family member what happened to our lights, they stopped me from throwing them away! They explained that if half the lights turn on, then the string is still good! It just needs a new fuse for the half that isn’t working. My string of lights still had value, and I almost threw them away! A small tweak made them shine like new.

There may be parts of your life that aren’t working the way you want them to… or even like they used to work. Be encouraged. It’s not time to give up. The fact that there is any light is an indication that you still have great value! A small tweak from God might be all you need to restore your shine!

Heal me, LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. ~Jeremiah 17:14

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