Sunday Brain Dump – 9/21/14

Sunday Brain Dump – 9/21/14

  1. IMG_9867Powerful day at the Heights!
  2. Today we continued our #ChurchFolk series with a message called “Masquerade Ball”
  3. In this message from Matthew 6, I defined the word “hypocrite” from a Biblical perspective and pointed out the possibility that more of us are hypocrites than we actually think!
  4. The message also challenged us on whose approval we desire… approval from men or approval from God? A hypocrite is an actor who cares more about what the audience thinks than what the director thinks.
  5. This one really hit home for me. I’m naturally a people pleaser and seek the approval of people. That tap-dance can be tiring. The freedom that I felt from this message made me a little emotional while I was preaching.
  6. One of our members texted me tonight to ask why “the passion was on 100″… I could only say that sometimes the Word is for me a much as it is for y’all!
  7. What takeaways did you get from the message? Comment below and let me know.
  8. Leaders, don’t be intoxicated with the applause. It can go as quickly as it came. Just ask Ray Rice.
  9. Our new church website has launched! We’re still working out some kinks. Please comment below and tell me what you think of it.
  10. If all goes right, you’ll be able to listen to today’s message AND watch it on our new site this week. Stay tuned.
  11. It was Jersey Day at the Heights today. It was great to see all those Redskins jerseys. Those wretched Cowboys jerseys on the other hand…
  12. I recieved the new issue of Outreach Magazine this week which lists the 100 largest churches in America and the 100 fastest growing churches in America. Flipping through it makes me wonder if it is helpful or harmful to the pastors whose churches didn’t make the list… or the pastors whose churches weren’t as high on the list as they’d hoped.
  13. On a lighter note, I also received a new Bible that I ordered with a custom-made leather cover. Preached from it today! Man, this is so cool! #preacherstuff
  14. I had the honor of performing a wedding of a great couple yesterday in Memphis, TN. Congratulations to Donnell and Deidre Ellis. I had an awesome time in Memphis for my first time.
  15. While I was in Memphis, I had a chance to go to the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel. What vivid depictions of our history. Though it was rushed, I was overwhelmed by the experience. I can’t wait for my sons to get older so I can take them back there.
  16. I also had a Memphis staple… Gus’s Fried Chicken. There are no words for how good that chicken was! It was so good I went back again… the same day… AND bought a t-shirt!
  17. I had the honor this week of preaching for Chapel at my alma mater, Riverdale Baptist School. It was great to go home and minister to young people sitting where I sat.
  18. Trying not to think about the fact that many of the students weren’t even born when I was in High School. Geez.
  19. Received the sample copies of Saving Our Sons in print and the Kindle version this week! It’s so close. I’m so excited to get this resource into your hands!
  20. Did a promotional event this week and pitched my book to a room full of educators, mentors and community leaders. They loved it. One guy literally tried to jack me for my sample copy!
  21. My first shipment comes in this week, which means pre-orders will be shipped out before the end of the week! Have you pre-ordered your copy?
  22. The Christian Post did a great article on our “Laundromat Takeover” outreach last Saturday. Click here to check it out! 
  23. Sorry the blog has been quiet the last few days. Busy week got the best of me. Planning to do better.
  24. Have a great week!
  • Tracy Harris

    My take away from service was life changing. It just never
    occurred to me that those who judge church “hypocrites” are themselves often
    wearing a mask as well. It gave me a wonderful perspective to reference (in
    love) when discussing this issue with people who use “hypocrites’ as an excuse
    for their disdain for going church. I was also thrilled to gain clarity on the
    difference between a hypocrite and a person wearing a mask. It was humbling for
    me because it made me realize that almost ALL of us could likely benefit from a
    look in the mirror to evaluate our motives.
    I struggle with making sure everyone is happy and pleased. I am now
    evaluating my motives and committing to being conscious of my intentions. It’s very

    I also really enjoyed your Ray Rice example. I find his
    actions upsetting and shocking but it wasn’t until your reference that I also
    found his actions “human”. I am not saying it’s human to beat women. I am
    simply saying any of us can find ourselves in the ugliest of situations, and
    who would we have still cheering us on, supporting us? We all need grace, forgiveness, and love. I realized during the sermon that at times
    I could be judgmental and maybe even harsh. I vowed to be conscious of that
    trait and work on it. Like I said, the service was life changing LOL

    September 22, 2014 at 1:55 PM

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