Brain Dump – 7/19/15

Brain Dump – 7/19/15


  1. Rough weekend for our family, but God held us up with his grace.
  2. As usual… worship at The Heights was great! July is “youth emphasis month” for our church every year. We have all types of great activities for our kids, including summer camp and VBS.
  3. We also give our KIDZone staff the month off and make our worship services “kid friendly.” They get colorable bulletins and crayons when they come in, and I preach a sermon that makes it easy to involve them.
  4. This year, the sermon series is “Life Lessons from the Lion King.” The Lion King is one of my favorite movies, and there are SO MANY Biblical lessons that are easy to pull into a message. I’ve been using clips from the movie to open each message. This has been a FUN series to preach!
  5. It has been fun for my kids too… of course, they want to watch Lion King EVERY DAY!!! LOL.
  6. Today’s Message was called “Praying Angry Prayers.” Remember the part of the Lion King when Simba yelled out to the starts angrily speaking to Mufasa? I compared that to David’s angry prayer in Psalm 22. “Pray to God no matter how you feel… He can hear and he can heal!”
  7. We’re a little behind in getting the messages up from the last couple weeks. Stay tuned to our website so you can get caught up on this series this week!
  8. Shout out to the Malone family from Memphis, TN who brought their ENTIRE Family Reunion to church today! Nice attendance boost for our 11:30am service. LOL.
  9. Please pray for Lady LaVera. She had a death in her family and had to fly out to Dallas this weekend for the funeral.
  10. With her gone, I got to hold it down at home with the 3 boys this weekend. Praise God for the help of family and baby-sitters who helped while I was preaching 4x this weekend.
  11. I have a great respect for single parents. I’m amazed at how anyone can care for children by themselves every day. I’m drained after doing it for 2 days! Surely God gives you special grace to do what you do. #salute
  12. I had the honor of teaching at a Men’s Retreat on Saturday for Elim Baptist Church. I was asked to share some of the principles from my book, Saving Our Sons. It was fun to challenge and encourage a more traditional church that wants to effectively minister to young brothers.
  13. Today after preaching 2 services at the Heights, I hustled over to The Light Christian Church to preach for their Usher’s Anniversary. I appreciate several of our own church members, including our praise team, making the trip with me. It’s always a blessing to bring churches together for worship.
  14. So excited about Vacation Bible School this week at The Heights. This is one of the highlights of our entire year as God allows us to minister to hundreds of young people in our community. I’m especially excited that we have added an amazing VBS program for our teenagers, led by our youth minister, Milton Harris.
  15. We brought Milton on last year around this time. He has been doing an AMAZING job for our church. He and his wife Tracy are truly an answer to prayer.
  16. As a matter of fact, he’s preaching next Sunday to finish out the Lion King series. I’ve heard his message already and can’t wait to hear it Sunday. You won’t want to miss what he has for you!
  17. By the end of this busy weekend, I’m feeling so drained. I’ll rest well tonight… as soon as First Lady gets home! LOL.
  18. Have a great week! Love y’all!


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