Sunday Brain Dump – 10/5/14

Sunday Brain Dump – 10/5/14


  1. Empowering day at the Heights!
  2. Today I began to teach a series through important principles from my book, Saving Our Sons. We’ll spend the next few weeks talking about what issues young men of color face on their journey with God… and what things we need to help us along the way.
  3. Today’s message was from Acts 8:26-39. In this chapter, we find a young man of color (an Ethiopian eunuch) who has great power and resources available to him… but he’s on a desert road, unnoticed by everyone… except for God!
  4. As I studied this text, I was amazed at how interested he was in God, despite the fact that he was held at arms length by religious tradition. I bet there are many young men of color who feel the same way in 2014. Great potential. Interest in the things of God. But forgotten. This message addresses what the faith community can do about that!
  5. You can listen to the message on our website. Click here to check it out.
  6. What were some of your takeaways from the message. Can you relate to the Ethiopian. Can you relate to Philip? What can you do to invest in the invisible value of some young man? Comment below.
  7. Throughout this series, we will have some of my favorite preachers share with us at the Heights, including Rod Hairston (the former chaplain of the World Champion Baltimore Ravens) and Paul Sheppard (a nationally recognized speaker). These men are amazing preachers and have excellent contributions to Biblical Manhood.
  8. I wore pink today in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The cases of cancer seem to be sky-rocketing, particularly in our church. Praying for individual battles as well as the overall battle against this disease. I expect to see a cure in my lifetime!
  9. It’s also Pastor’s Appreciation Month. I’m thinking about some ways I can be a tangible blessing to my pastor over the next few days. How can you be a blessing to your pastor? This is a great month to do it!
  10. Today is also a very special day for the most special woman in my world. My wife LaVera celebrates her 34th birthday today. She is such a blessing to me, our family and our church. I can’t think of an adequate gift to give her on her birthday… because she’s a gift to me every day!
  11. This past week, we officially released my book, Saving Our Sons. I’m so overwhelmed by the response to the book so far.
  12. I was so blessed to have been invited to do signings at First Baptist Church of Glenarden, as well as at Howard University this week. Thanks to everyone who supported and sent your well wishes on social media.
  13. If you have started reading the book, I need you to do me a favor… Take a few minutes to click this link to and write a brief review for the book. The more reviews the book gets, the more exposure it has on the site.
  14. While you’re there… go ahead and purchase the Kindle version!
  15. I attended my high school homecoming on Friday night. I made me proud to see our football team looking good. Not sure how I feel about the fact that I was one of the oldest alumni there! Has it really been 15 years since high school!?! Geez.
  16. Busy week ahead with some traveling, book promotion and preaching. Pray for me y’all!
  17. Hope you all have a great week!


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