Boycott Black Jesus?

Boycott Black Jesus?

Black JesusLast week, Adult Swim debuted the newest addition to its lineup that has stirred some controversy in the faith community. Aaron McGruder, the creator of The Boondocks, has set the life of Christ as the new backdrop his satirical irreverence with his newest show, Black Jesus. There has been a wide array of response to this show amongst people of faith on social media. Of course the natural reaction to someone making fun of you (or in this case, your Savior) is to be upset.  However, as we come down from the emotion of our initial response, hopefully we’ll find a ripe opportunity.

There is a discussion about Jesus taking place in the social sphere. I can’t help but to see this as an opportunity for knowledgeable believers to engage the world about the truth of who the REAL Jesus is. Who better than us to debunk this fake Jesus while introducing an interested culture to the REAL Jesus? Who will give a more qualified review? Who else will set the record straight?

At worst, Black Jesus is a modern answer to the REAL Jesus’ question to His disciples, “Who do men say that I am?” In Matthew 16:13-15, Jesus’ follow-up question is, “Who do YOU say that I am.” The most important thing for us disciples to do during a time like this is to properly answer the 2nd question… rather than making a fuss that the first question must be asked.

So I encourage every believer to do two things:

1. Read your Bible.

It’s amazing to me how few of us actually know our Bible. Study the person & work of the real Jesus Christ. Know His purpose, His character, His relentless love, His sacrifice. You can’t contribute to the discussion if you haven’t studied the Word.

2. Watch the show at least once.

The controversy, plus the Aaron McGruder factor will guarantee that people will watch. People who need to know the real Jesus. Surely, you’ll be repulsed. However, don’t exclude yourself from the conversation by refusing to watch. Use it as a conversation starter to engage someone about the REAL Jesus. See this as an opportunity to participate in the discussion, rather than disqualify ourselves from this opportunity because we can’t overcome the initial shock & anger

So what do you think? Agree or disagree? Are you offended? Will you boycott? Do you know someone who will watch it anyway because they enjoy Aaron McGruders humor? Talk back to me!