Top 3 Leadership Lessons from the Weekend

Top 3 Leadership Lessons from the Weekend

I hope you had a great 3-day weekend! The end of last week into the weekend was quite a roller-coaster for me. As pastors, leadership can be troubling emotionally as you lead different people through different issues all at the same time. Here are a few of the leadership gems God blessed me with in the past few days.


1. STOP & REFLECT. Yes, you have big goals for tomorrow. But today, you might have accomplished some of your big goals from yesterday. Don’t miss it! Always chasing a goal that is in tomorrow will inevitably lead to burnout.

2. VALUE OF PEOPLE. As a leader, people are your most valuable resource. You are not in the _______ business. You are in the people business. If you will have a successful organization, you must steward people well. Behind every person is a purpose. Behind every purpose is a person. You must be conscious that the people who are in your organization are humans with their own issues, strengths, weaknesses, personal problems. This is the main thing that separates the church world from the business world. In the business world, you can attach someone to the task they are paid to accomplish. In the church world, you must minister to the person behind the task. The volunteer that you’ve tasked to accomplish a goal is also engaged in countless other responsibilities that pull their time and attention. Because of this, it is vital that you…

3. OVER-COMMUNICATE. There are so many things that your team has going on in their lives occupying their mind. They have family responsibilities, work obligations and other things to balance with whatever they are doing with you. You may have to say things more than once. Cast vision. Send reminders. Remind them thru a few different mediums about important meetings and vital concepts. Be patient with them… especially if they are volunteers. As Andy Stanley says, vision leaks. If you think you’ve communicated enough, communicate more. If you think you’ve communicated too much, do it one more time.


*BONUS: Don’t plan vital leadership meetings on  3-Day Government Holiday Weekends. Duh.


How do these lessons apply to your own leadership? What leadership lessons have you learned recently? In what ways are you purposely growing as a leader this week?

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